About Florkinomics

Florkinomics was created as way to share Flork of Cows comics, parodies, and derivative art/culture to the crypto community through the use of blockchain technologies (Token, NFTS, and Web3 Dapps).
The project intends to establish a line of communication with the creator of the series through widespread exposure to both crypto and non-crypto audiences, and to earn his support as we make Flork of Cows the biggest meme on the planet.
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Token Taxes

Smart Contract (BSC)


Unique LP Function:

During every hour that a transaction occurs, 0.25% of the supply contained in the LP will be burned. This will reduce the supply slowly and increase the price of FLORK.

Note: Taxes and Token Supply can be changed as a result of a majority vote in the FLORKDAO. The whitepaper will be updated as necessary.